Broadcast Tools, 4 X 1 Passive Stereo Audio Switcher



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The SS 4.1 PLUS passively switches or routes a variety of electrical signals to a destination. The SS 4.1 PLUS selects any one of four stereo inputs to a single stereo output. The SS 4.1 PLUS provides PASSIVE switching through gold contact relays. The passive switching means that the unit can route a signal in either direction. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input. In addition to their normal use with audio signals, the unit can also be used to switch AES/EBU digital signals and telephone lines.

  • Operational control by front panel switches with LED indicators, contact closures, 5-volt TTL/CMOS logic levels and/or the multi-drop bi-directional RS-232 serial port.
  • May be monitored and/or controlled via a web browser with the optional ESS-1.
  • Plug-in euroblock screw terminals are provided for audio and remote control connections.
  • Audio switching via sealed relays utilizing 2-form-C bifurcated - crossbar silver alloy with gold overlay contacts.
  • Internal silence sensor monitors the output and is equipped with a front panel LED indicator; SPST alarm relay and adjustable SS alarm delay and restore timing duration.
  • The "ACT" circuit performs as an audio activity monitor with front panel LED indicator.
  • The "ENABLE" switch provides a safety lock to the front panel source selection switches.
  • The audio "MUTE" switch allows the user to turn off the audio output when activated.
  • The "STEP" function allows the user to single step through each channel or to automatically sequence with user programmed channel steps and speed.
  • Eight remote inputs, user configured for remote control or "PIP" (trigger) inputs.
  • Four open collector outputs provide remote channel status.
  • Logic functions via flash microprocessor with non-volatile memory.
  • The power-up feature allows the user to select which one source is active at power up, including the last source selected.
  • Configuration via dip-switches, serial port menu or burst mode.
  • Source number one is configured to route audio to the output in the case of loss of power to the unit.
  • Non-selected sources are terminated with 10K W load resistors. May be removed.
  • The SS 4.1 PLUS may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or up to three units on one RA-1 rack shelf.

Applications: Automation source switching with eight trigger inputs; Studio selection and routing; Audio processing selection; Exciter input selection; Remote broadcast input selection; STL source selection; Multiple station program on-hold and/or PA switching; EAS audio switching; ISDN or Phone hybrid feed selection; IFB selection; Satellite audio channel switching and console monitor inputs and output selection.

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