Glory Star Nebula Plus 10" Android Hexa Core Processor 4GB DDR4 32GB

NEB101 CT399


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The Nebula Plus Series is an all-in-one computer touch screen developed by Glory Star Group for use in a variety of industries and applications, including point of sale, fitness console, patient room display, self-service, endless aisle, industrial controls, and access control. It offers unmatched flexibility and can be customized with peripherals such as barcode readers, RFID, and LED light strips, to meet the needs of different industries. The tablet also comes equipped with a license-free kiosk lockdown app that enhances security and privacy.

 One of the standout features of the Nebula Plus is its advanced video conferencing and AIOT capabilities. It has a dual mic with an echo cancellation algorithm and a custom-designed speaker for crystal-clear calls and wide stereo sound. The 10” and 15.6inch  also features a seamless bonded panel for high clarity and a curved glass design for a sleek appearance and supporting POE.  The modular design of the Nebula Plus allows it to be easily configured for various applications, and it is supported by the Star Control MDM Solution, which makes it easy to deploy and manage a network of Android-powered Glory Star devices from anywhere in the world.

Nebula Plus Touchscreen Computer Features

  • 64 Bit 32GB Memory with capability of AI and Gaming 
  • Dual mic with echo cancellation algorithm for crystal clear calls
  • Seamlessly bonded panel for high clarity and instant response -10" and 15" 
  • Custom design speaker for crisp and wide stereo sound
  • High Brightness Panel at 500 Nits
  • Curve glassed posh design
  •  Supports POE 

Nebula Plus Touchscreen Computer Overview

Operating system
Nebula Plus Computer Tablet features Android 12 particular models, giving you the possibility of the latest Android Version.

Performance-driven processors
Nebula Plus Computer Tablet is powered by a Hexacore chipset with 1.8 Ghz peak frequency to support AI and IOT applications with blazing fast response to graphic-intensive apps.

Add-on peripheral slots
Attach modules on all edges of the tablet to create applications in an interactive catalogue, endless aisle, access control, checking and self-ordering. 

Remote management with ease
Use Star Control to remotely manage all Glory Star devices at the same time, systematically update and manage user requests in one single platform. 

Free kiosk lockdown app
Use Staros to auto-start videos, webpages and apps, and prevent unwanted third-party access to ensure a secure in-wall touch screen on the Nebula kiosk tablet.

Open Source API 
Star Tool - Open source API that allows third-party developers to control Glory Star hardware with ease


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