IRT, 10x1 Video & Audio Passive Switcher



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- 10 input video & audio switching in one unit
- Balanced single channel or unbalanced stereo audio
- Simple passive switching
- Self indicating pushbuttons

The AMS-1000 is a passive 10 x 1 video and audio switcher intended for use in non-critical switching and monitoring applications.

Inputs are selected by switches, which are mechanically interlocked. A white flag indicator clearly shows the selected switch from a distance without the need for power.

Video: All non-selected video sources are terminated in 75 Ohm. The selected video input is switched through to the output and must be terminated at the destination.

Audio: The audio consists of two identical circuits for each switch position. These may be designated as a pair for balanced operation or as Left and Right channels for unbalanced stereo operation. All audio lines are loaded with 10 kOhm at the input. The selected pair are connected to the output connector and the total loading will be that of the destination in parallel with the switcher loading.

The switcher is housed in an IRT one rack unit (480 x 230 x 44 mm), 19" rack mounting chassis with video connections via BNC connectors and audio via plug in terminal blocks.

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