IRT, 1RU Eurocard Frame with built in PSU



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- Built in power supply.
- Suit IRT's current 700, 3000 and 4000 series Eurocards.
- Take up to two Eurocard modules.
- Optional plug in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) card.

The grouping of products with a common frame and mains power supply benefits the user by providing economy and maximum utilisation of valuable space.

Different modules, including digital and analogue, may be mixed in the one frame to provide a compact solution to system design and ease of later expansion.

The FRU-1034 is a 1RU frame that covers the requirements of small applications where only one or two IRT Eurocard modules are required. For larger applications requiring up to ten or twelve Eurocards, or requiring redundant power supplies, see separate brochure on IRT's 3RU frame option.

The FRU-1034 provides guide rails to provide a true Eurocard frame for easy maintenance. A single power supply is included with a switchable AC input voltage.

Provision is also made for a separate Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) controller board to be installed separately to the allowable two Eurocard modules, with Ethernet controls available via the rear, for use with IRT Eurocards that are SNMP capable.

The FRU-1034 is suitable for IRT's current range of Eurocards1 and comes standard with a front and rear blanking plate for situations where only one Eurocard is used.

IRT Eurocards and 1RU frame have neutral grey colour front panels providing both an aesthetic appeal and correct colour background for use close to monitors.

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