IRT, Relay Card for General Purpose Switching



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- Suitable for general purpose switching and isolation.
- TTL or direct relay switching.
- Front panel LED status indicators.

The RL-740 relay card is designed to interface with the IRT Eurocard VG-737 video and AG-738 audio program fail modules.

Front panel LED indicators are used to indicate the status of each relay circuit.

The RL-740 utility relay card is designed to provide two isolated contact sets and contains 5 DPST relays which can be controlled individually, both the make and break contacts are available either directly or by on board link selection.

One of the contact sets can also have the relay common contacts bussed to facilitate connection to the input circuit of the IRT 5x1 video and audio switchers.

When the relay is NOT ENERGISED relay 1 circuit switches input 1 to the output thus providing a secure path when power is not present on the module.

The relays used are bifurcated contact low energising current relays designed for long life and high reliability.

Note: For relay switching of video, data and HF, see the AVS-3170 relay switcher.

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