Extron Raises the Bar for Product Quality with FCC Accredited Testing Lab

Posted on 30 June 2017

The Federal Communications Commission – FCC regulates the use of audiovisual equipment to assure that it will operate without causing electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. In the United States, all products containing electronics that oscillate above 9 kHz must be FCC certified.

We have made significant investments in engineering and test equipment at Extron and maintain our own in-house FCC accredited labs for EMC and RF testing. Our compliance lab has received multiple FCC and UL accreditations, along with ISO 17025 certification. The capability for onsite product certification means our products never wait in line with those from other manufacturers at third-party facilities, our engineers have immediate access to testing data, enabling us to bring new products to market faster.

For over 30 years, Extron has been a recognized leader in high-tech electronic manufacturing. We are committed to providing superior products and world-class support. To exceed the expectations of our customers, we have made significant investments in the construction of our own in-house product testing facilities. Our internal quality standards, along with multiple accreditations from international regulatory agencies allow Extron to continually provide reliable, high-performing products to customers worldwide.wide.

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