Ferncast ACS MINI

Posted on 31 July 2022

Ferncast has launched the Mini category of its Audio Codec Servers. ACS combine the 24/7 aixtream COMPACT software and the flexibility and full scalability of server installation with the convenience of traditional hardware boxes. The Mini products are distinguishable by their small size and flexible power. This Professional program multi-format streaming encoder, scalable from 2 to 10 programs, with the known and established aixtream COMPACT™ audio engine incl. the operating system.

The OTT ACS Mini is an encoder delivering high-quality encoded signals to CDNs in HLS, Icecast and RTMP. All real-time processing and full 24/7 reliability is based on Ferncast’s team experience in broadcasting, processing and system architecture design.

Fercast mini


Ferncast says seven new products are now available, designed for seven fields of application:

Multi-codec streaming box for OTT online streaming.
SIP call box for SIP communication.
STL audio linker for studio transmitter links.
Podcast processor box for audio on demand.
DVB codec and muxer for DVB multiplexing.
Loudness processor box.
Audio transcoder box.

Key features

Power for multiple audio applications.
Expandable applications after initial purchase with expansion packages.
AES67 and other inputs via USB, including analogue, AES/EBU, MADI and Dante.
Compact form for easy logistics and portability.
Quick access to the user interface with QR code scan.
The modern and intuitive aixtream user interface.
According to the company, the Mini is the handy, small size, low power consumption choice among its Audio Codec Servers. It is small enough to be easily transported but still allows up to 10 mono, stereo or multichannel programs. While the Mini itself does not come equipped with any classical audio interfaces, it still supports I/O besides AES67 and Ravenna via third-party USB audio interfaces. Six USB ports ensure the operator can connect all audio interfaces and peripherals they require.

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Australia: sales@avw.com.au
Syd: 02 8213 0200  Mel: 03 8691 5210 Qld: 07 3607 3785 WA/SA/NT: 08 8120 3203

New Zealand: sales@avw.co.nz 
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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