FM/HD-Radio Rebroadcast Receiver

Posted on 18 May 2020

Inovonics offers three great FM ReBroadcast Receivers to insure successful implementation of your FM Translators

The AARON 655 is unique as an uncompromising DSP-based HD-Radio/FM Receiver combined with a powerful 3-band audio processor and dynamic RDS encoder. IP connectivity adds streaming capabilities and a Web-browser interface gives you total remote control of the unit from any PC or mobile device.

Maximum Flexibility for Program Sources

Select program audio from analog FM, digital channels HD1 through 8, streaming sources, and analog or AES-digital line inputs – all with assignable fail-over audio backup.

RDS Encoder Options

Internal RDS encoder allows you to customize your RDS messaging. Use incoming off-air RDS data, convert HD-Radio PAD data, convert streamed meta-data, or display IP Telnet data.

Connect Remotely to the Aaron 655  | More info  | Innovonics 650 FM Rebroadcast Receiver  | Innovonics 640 FM Rebroadcast Receiver 

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