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Posted on 31 July 2022

Design. Manage. Deploy.
Fusion Signage helps you elevate experiences.Create, schedule and update digital signage content in minutes, at a fraction of the cost. All with Australia’s friendliest CMS (Content Management Software).


Software that does care

Whether you know your way around digital signage software. Or it’s your first toe-dip in the water. Let’s put our floaties on and start with the basics:

Digital signage deployments require a CMS to manage the content sent to the screen. That’s all there is to it (and where we come in!).

Fusion Signage offers the exact tools you need to elevate customer connection, experience and excitement – all in the one place.

Product Features

* Fusion signage software offers a 1 year license for use with our digital signage screens
* Includes 1 GB bandwidth for monthly uploads, with more available if needed!
* Simple design requires no extensive training – 3 steps until your content is deployed
* Cloud-based management for easy changes to screens from PCs located anywhere
* Used by top brands nationwide for informative displays at cost-effective prices
* Custom functionality available to expand on robust features & meet individual needs

Fusion Signage Software

Creating an effective presentation using digital signage has never been easier thanks to Fusion Signage Software. With heaps of features, a cost-effective model, and simple design, this CMS allows restaurants, exhibition halls, information centres, transportation hubs, casinos, hotels, and more to effectively communicate their message via a cloud based system with management from any location!

Create & deploy your content in a matter of minutes

The easy-to-use platform was designed to replace USB sticks, simplifying your deployment and display management without any hardware hassle. Fusion Signage offers a cost-effective, cloud-based solution for full access from any computer, anywhere!

Simple and Efficient

No need for extensive training programs, Fusion Signage utilises an intuitive interface where in only three simple steps, your screen is added, content uploaded and playlist scheduled. The Android® based software has a minimalist design with drag & drop functionality to make adding media files of all sorts to your presentation nearly effortless.

Cloud-Based Management

Fusion Signage is accessible from any PC anywhere, anytime. Upload the new playlists instantly without having to physically be near the screens themselves. Up to 1GB of content can be uploaded each month per screen, with no bandwidth usage for changing your current presentations. Need more data? Inquire about our options for scaling upwards.

Flexible Deployment

Fusion Signage is integrated directly into any Android device including commercial screens with Android on board, reducing unnecessary hardware.

 Fusion Signage Quick Guide


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