Gateway Decoders

Posted on 20 September 2021

The TeleDelta HDS1220 Series Gateway Decoders are a highly customisable centrally controlled platform for multi-format content aggregation, local storage, scheduled playback and digital signage, IPTV/MATV distribution requirements in Hospitality, Retail, Corporate, Education, Services and Medical display networks. More info.

Gateway Decoders


Centrally managed by the widely deployed TeleDelta Conductor middleware the HDS1220 Decoder / Gateway is highly configurable to a client’s deployment requirements ranging from Internet TV Applications (Multi or Single Channel), to Video-on-Demand assets including local network content ingest and management. Data Sheet | For more info contact us

Perfect for:
•  Broadcasters and Content Providers – Low-cost delivery and controllable Media playout
•  Sports / Gaming Event distribution
•  Multi-channel / Format content playout applications (Live, On-Demand and Digital Signage)
•  New-Build IPTV Network Operators
•  Digital Signage and Media network owners
•  Legacy Inbuilding Systems (Coax MATV networks)
•  Retail / Front of House Digital Signage and Media Displays
•  Video-on-Demand (VOD) Content Distribution, Storage and Playout
•  Multi-venue content distribution applications (Pubs, Clubs and Sports Venues)


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