Increased Codec options and more inputs provided with the AE1206 DVB Audio Encoder upgrade

TeleDelta announced today the release of the new Audio Encoder Module option for the AE1206 Audio Encoder

The release of the modular option for the enhanced AE1206 platform can now provide up to 12 Stereo inputs supporting AES3 and balanced analog audio input, selectable on each individual input, all in a single rack space.

new Audio Encoder widely

The AE1206 advanced codec choices including mpeg1-L2, mp3, AAC, AAC-LC with output in the standard DVB mpeg.ts stream format for direct integration into IPTV headends, broadcast playout centres, cable headends and broadcast infrastructure monitoring and support. The frame features enhanced airflow and cooling management as well as even more functionality on the user-friendly GUI, a continued feature of the complete TeleDelta product range.

Multiple I/O options are features on the data side also enhanced in the new release.

“The AE1206 has proven itself a versatile and reliable codec undertaking the encoding of audio for broadcast production, contribution and distribution in many premier locations around the globe.” Says Murray Hunt, CEO of AVW, TeleDelta’s international distribution partner. “The AE1206 has developed a ‘sweet spot’ in the studio and facility in house monitoring applications” he added. More information……..

TeleDelta: TeleDelta is an Australian engineering and design house, specializing in the fields of IP/ IPTV, Media Distribution, Digital Signage, Broadcast and Content Delivery Technologies, designed for applications across the Enterprise, Medical, Security/Defence, Government, Hospitality and Broadcast Sectors.

AVW Limited: Formed in 1983, AVW is an exclusive TeleDelta distributor and a major supplier of technical goods and services to the Broadcast, Pro Audio, AV and ICT industries in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.

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