Inovonics Retires Model 531N FM Modulation Monitor

After 20 years, the popular 531 is being replaced by the new all-digital 541 FM Modulation Monitor

FELTON, CA — Inovonics, Inc has announced the retirement of its popular 531N FM Modulation Monitor after a successful 20-year production run. The model 531 has been a popular product since its launch in 2003 with over 5,000 units sold worldwide. The final inventory of the 531N has already been shipped and it will no longer be available for future orders.

Recognizing the continued demand for accurate signal monitoring equipment, Inovonics has a ready replacement for the 531N with the new all-digital 541 FM Modulation Monitor.

“Developing the original 531 was a challenging collaboration between founder Jim Wood and myself as it was one of the first times we combined microprocessors with analog technology”, says Ben Barber, President & CEO of Inovonics.

“Now, we are excited to introduce the Model 541 to the Broadcast Community. This DSP based FM Modulation Monitor is truly amazing and is already available for interested broadcasters.” he added.

The new all-digital 541 combines detailed DSP signal analysis with a menu-driven touchscreen display, plus Webserver with total access for remote operation, including measurements, graphical data and direct Web-browser audio monitoring of the off-air program.

The 541 was introduced this year at NAB 2023 and recently won the Best of Show Award at IBC-Amsterdam. The awards’ editorial team said that “This year, we received a record amount of entries and the quality across the board was incredible. Inovonics should be extremely proud of their achievement – the 541 showed true innovation and hugely impressed our judging panel.”

The 541 FM Modulation Monitor is available now and shipping from stock.

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About Inovonics: For over 51 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leader of cost effective and innovative radio broadcast products. Inovonics specializes in high quality audio processors, RDS encoders, AM/FM modulation monitors, and off-air monitoring equipment for AM / FM / HD / DAB+ / RDS / Streaming Radio. All Inovonics’ products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA to ensure quality from start to finish. All products include a 3-year Factory Warranty and Premiere after sales service.



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