Posted on 28 September 2018

JK Audio conveniently allows capturing of Broadcast-worthy ‘wireless based audio’ on smartphones with a method compatible with all brands of phones and tablets and without a physical connection.


Wireless Audio Interface

Capturing video on a smartphone traditionally comes with extensive exposure to random ambient noise. Don’t risk ruining the quality of your field interviews and recordings, the Blue Driver Places the Microphone in the hands of the interviewer.

The BlueDriver-F3 wirelessly connects your dynamic handheld, lavalier, or boom microphone to your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for a separate receiver whilst freeing up jacks on recording devices for use by other accessories or power sources.  The native camera app on most phones do not currently support Bluetooth so a video recording app that supports a Bluetooth Microphone is required.



Wireless Interview Tool

There are two physical options available, either BlueDriver-F3 or BluePack. BluePack allows live reporter-on-the-street interviews through a phone or tablet using Bluetooth Wireless Technology with a headset.

Simply pair to your mobile device like any Bluetooth headset. This sleek belt pack provides a professional look and feel for field reporters and remote talent.