Major Australian Broadcaster integrates Ferncast’s aixtream software for enhanced DAB Radio Service Monitoring

Online News – 24 October 2023 – For immediate release

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A leading Australian broadcaster has announced its collaboration with AVW Group to incorporate Ferncast’s aixtream, a state-of-the-art software solution tailored for diverse live audio applications. This strategic partnership aims to significantly elevate in-house DAB+ radio service monitoring and distribution capabilities.

aixtream offers unparalleled customisability, enabling broadcasters to design a personalised main control hub. Its Smart Control Applets allow for the creation of trigger-based scripts, automating various system behaviours. With advanced user role management, the software ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow. Prioritising security, the software boasts features such as VPN for secure audio streaming and file encryption for safeguarding sensitive audio recordings.

In pursuit of distributing all DAB+ radio services in the city within its in-house IP-based monitoring network, the Australian broadcaster sought expertise from AVW Group Australia. The recommendation to integrate Ferncast’s aixtream is part of a broader in-house IPTV network upgrade, catering to hundreds of radio and television services.

Ferncast’s aixtream solution is renowned for its scalability, functionality, and redundancy. This integration not only addresses the broadcaster’s immediate needs but also ensures adaptability to the ever-evolving broadcasting landscape – as the broadcaster’s needs change it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping some icons.

Stefan Hunt, AVW Group’s Australian Business Development Manager, remarked, “Ferncast’s ability to provide a bespoke software solution, working closely with AVW, within a constrained delivery timeframe, was commendable. Navigating the intricacies of DAB+ signal delivery, especially when juxtaposed with traditional FM/AM broadcast services, was challenging. However, the collaboration’s outcome was a testament to the expertise of all parties involved.”

Detlef Wiese, Ferncast CEO, commented, “Based on our long-term relationship with AVW, we are glad to now service the Australian broadcast market with our aixtream solution and we are honored to have received such positive feedback from our valued partners in broadcasting.”

This partnership underscores a significant advancement in the broadcasting domain. With Ferncast’s aixtream, the broadcaster is poised to deliver superior DAB+ radio service monitoring and distribution, ensuring top-tier content delivery and monitoring for its expansive audience.


About Ferncast GmbH:
As an audio logistics company, Ferncast develops software and hardware solutions for audio workflows in broadcasting, and offers services and consulting connected to their extensive expertise. The core product is aixtream, a 24/7 software solution for OTT, DVB, SIP/WebRTC, STL, DAB, FM, Logging, Recording and more, which Ferncast continuously develops and improves. It runs as server appliance, virtual machine, containerized on AWS and other cloud services as well as on hardware.
About AVW
The AVW Group (Australia and New Zealand) established in 1983 is an Equipment Importer, Distributor and Systems Engineering company specializing in the Audio Visual, Broadcast, Satellite and ICT systems verticals. With warehouses and engineering staff in Australia, and New Zealand, AVW supplies more than 500 Reseller locations in 2 countries. The AVW Special Services Group (SSG) provides Engineered Solutions, Systems Installation / Integration, Project Management plus Critical System Maintenance and Support Services to our Integration and Reseller Partners, End-Clients and Industry. |

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