Extron Media Presentation Switcher

Posted on 02 July 2021

Extron Media Presentation Switchers enable signal transmission from multiple sources to a single device. They are available in a variety of configurations, and can support digital and analog or analog-only formats.

Multi-format Media Presentation Switchers merge independent digital and analog switchers into one enclosure. They are HDCP compliant and include Extron-exclusive features that streamline signal switching and distribution in a wide variety of applications. One such feature is EDID Minder, which provides continuous EDID communications between the various sources and the destination device to ensure the reliable display of video. For encrypted signals, Key Minder enables the quick display of protected content. These media presentation switchers provide easy integration of digital and analog video sources and associated audio signals in single-display applications such as meeting rooms, classrooms, training facilities, and rental and staging environments.

Media Presentation Switchers designed to support analog transmissions provide a simple solution to centralize signal switching in AV applications. They provide access to a variety of analog sources during a presentation, enabling reliable switching between multiple VGA, S-video, and composite video signals. Integrator-friendly features include various switcher modes, microphone support, and control via RS-232 or front panel buttons. For easy and trouble-free integration, these switchers can be mounted in a rack or lectern, or installed under a table or desk.



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