STAROS Version 10.2.6 Release Announcement

Introducing STAROS: A Comprehensive Kiosk Lockdown Application Update Release Note

We are delighted to present STAROS, a powerful software solution designed to revolutionize kiosk management and control. With its latest release, STAROS 10.2.6, we have introduced a range of exciting features and enhancements that empower users to effortlessly manage and monitor their devices remotely. This release note provides an overview of the key updates, with a particular focus on the major enhancement: the Remote Desktop feature.

Remote Desktop Feature: Revolutionizing Device Management

The highlight of STAROS 10.2.6 is the introduction of the Remote Desktop feature, accessible through the Star Control web portal. This feature allows users to log in via the STAR CONTROL software, enabling them to remotely access and control their devices with ease. With a simple mouse click, users can individually select their desired device and gain access to its user interface, mirroring the information display. This means that changes and modifications can be made remotely, eliminating the need for an on-site service technician.

Empowering Support and Service Resolution

STAROS 10.2.6 empowers users to independently resolve support and service issues. If there is a support or service issue, this can be resolved independently thanks to the software update. It is no longer absolutely necessary to have a service technician on site. This streamlined process not only saves time and resources but also ensures prompt issue resolution, enhancing overall device performance and minimizing downtime.

Real-World Benefits and Added Value

As part of STAR CONTROL, the Remote Desktop feature integrates the VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology into the dashboard, providing several compelling advantages. Some of the notable benefits include:

Minimization of stakes: Users can remotely manage and update device content, ensuring it remains up to date and relevant.
Efficient task processing: The streamlined remote access and control capabilities facilitate efficient task management, reducing operational complexities.
Secure communication: STAROS employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and MQTT encryption, ensuring secure and encrypted communication between devices and the remote management software.

Different Download Pathway for Star Tool:
In response to user feedback, STAROS 10.2.6 introduces a new feature that allows you to download STARTOOL in STAROS to increase efficiency and also limit the storage usage in the display.

All Series Products have OTA Capability:
With the aim of enhancing device management and firmware updates, STAROS 10.2.6 incorporated OTA (Over-The-Air) is designed for all series products. This feature enables users to conveniently and wirelessly update the firmware of Lite Series devices, ensuring they remain up to date with the latest enhancements and functionalities.

Optimization for Staros Web Browser:
To improve user experience and ensure real-time information display, the Staros web browser now incorporates an auto-refresh functionality. When a designated webpage has not been detected for a specified period, typically every 3 seconds, the web browser will automatically refresh itself. This ensures that users always have access to the most current and relevant information, eliminating the need for manual refreshes.

French Language Support:
Recognizing the importance of catering to diverse language preferences, STAROS 10.2.6 introduces French language support. Users can now select French as the preferred language within the software, allowing for a localized and user-friendly experience for French-speaking users.

Optimized HDMI Connection for Scheduled Reboot:
In order to streamline device management and optimize performance, STAROS 10.2.6 incorporates improvements to the HDMI connection when a scheduled reboot is activated. This enhancement ensures a seamless reconnection of HDMI devices after a reboot, minimizing disruptions and maintaining a consistent user experience.

Readjusted Location for More and About Tabs in Staros:
In response to user interface optimizations, STAROS 10.2.6 readjusts the location of the More and About tabs within the Staros software. This adjustment improves navigation and accessibility, making it easier for users to access additional settings and information within the application.


In Conclusion

STAROS 10.2.6 represents a significant milestone in kiosk management and control, providing users with unparalleled remote access and control capabilities. The introduction of the Remote Desktop feature, along with its comprehensive set of advantages, empowers businesses to optimize their device management, resolve issues promptly, and facilitate efficient training and collaboration. With STAROS, we continue to redefine the kiosk experience, offering a robust and user-friendly solution that meets the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.


All products shipped from November 8th, 2023 will include STAROS 10.2.6.


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