Teams Limitations and expected behaviours.

Posted on 07 May 2020

Microsoft Teams Rooms does not support HDCP input, which has been observed to cause issues with HDMI to ingest functionality (video, audio) when using a front or room TV display. A low-cost Workspace Controller can be used to enable these screens. More info Full article from Microsoft 

Limitations and expected behaviors

Microsoft Teams Rooms does not support HDCP input, which has been observed to cause issues with HDMI ingest functionality (video, audio). Take care to ensure that switches connected to Microsoft Teams Rooms have HDCP options turned off.

If you desire a front of room display to automatically switch to an active video source (such as an MTR console) when the source wakes from standby mode, certain conditions must be met. This feature is optional but supported by Microsoft Teams Rooms software, provided underlying hardware supports the feature. A consumer TV used as a front of room display needs to support the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature of HDMI. Depending on the dock or console selected (which might not support CEC, refer to manufacturer support documentation), a workspace controller such as an Extron HD CTL 100 may be needed to enable the desired behavior.

Always use a wired 1-Gbps network connection to assure you have the needed bandwidth.

If your Microsoft Teams Rooms device loses trust with the domain, you won’t be able to authenticate into the device and open up Settings. For example, if you remove the Microsoft Teams Rooms from the domain after it is domain joined, trust is lost. The workaround is to log in with the local Admin account.

The 64-bit version of Windows 10 Enterprise Anniversary edition (English language, version 1607) is no longer supported as of Microsoft Teams Rooms release

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a multi-window application and requires a front of room display to be connected to the HDMI port of the device, for the app to function correctly. Make sure that you either have an HDMI display connected or use a dummy HDMI plug if you are testing and do not have a display purchased yet.

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