Telycam Customer Success Story: NIO Delivery Center, Suzhou China

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Hello, Suzhou. The NIO Center in Xujiang, Suzhou, officially opens on June, 30th. Above the hustle and bustle, it creates a city lounge that embodies the poetic and picturesque charm of Suzhou.

When tasked with the indoor Car Launch live streaming of NIO’s biggest delivery center in Jiangsu province, the broadcast team chose Telycam to achieve its multi-input live streaming solution. NIO team approached to our local partner Jinmao Media for the consultation about the solution, devices, and staffing. Mr. Zhang Zhong, the event director of Jinmao Media, was actively involved in preparing the devices and set-up for the streaming event.

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Gear List:
3x Vision+ 4KN 30X
1X V-Joy+ NDI Joystick Keyboard
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“We have a long-term cooperation with Telycam, so when the customer reached out for a car launch event, we immediately set up a plan to bring Telycam’s PTZ camera and joystick keyboard into the workflow. One of the great features is that we can stream and monitor via HDMI and NDI both at 4K60 simultaneously. The whole set-up is easy and efficient, saved a lot of our rehearsal time. And once it’s set up, we know we can trust it.” said Mr. Zhang Zhong, the event director of Jinmao Media.

Telycam Vision+ 4KN 30X were positioned at different angles in the delivery center, with PTZ cameras directed towards each host, and one mounted on the ceiling to capture a broader view of the car. Broadcast staff was able to switch and produce the graphics on vMix and streaming the show on Tiktok and Taobao, the two biggest e-commerce platforms in China. The native auto-tracking feature of the Vision+ 4KN has helped simplify the workflow a lot. When the host was walking around and introducing the features and functions, the camera tracked automatically and kept the host zoomed in.

‘’The Vision+ 4KN 30X presents a superior image and color quality that can vividly capture how elegant the NIO car is. And by deploying the PTZ cameras onsite, it gives our production team

great flexibility to handle everything remotely and get the job done. One feature that surprised our customer is the auto-tracking of the Vision+ series, when the host is walking around and introducing the car’s features and functions, the AI-powered auto tracking works perfectly, just like a real person is handling the camera.” said Mr. Zhang Zhong.

When there were multi cameras set up for the event, it is vital to have a camera keyboard to control each device accurately and promptly during the show. The V-JOY+ is an NDI camera keyboard that makes remote controlling easier to achieve. With a few clicks, it calls the preset, turns on and off the tracking function, and adjusts the exposure, WB, and focus accurately. You can basically manage all the camera functions with the V-JOY+ keyboard.

“Telycam offers high quality products which suits in different budget plan. When there are increasing enterprise-level streaming events happening online, the demand soars. Customers constantly seeking for the best cost-effective solution while they don’t want to compromise the quality. This is exactly the reason why we put Telycam on top of our list when designing and installing projects for our customer. The NIO team in Suzhou has been turning back to us every time they have streaming event after the successful car launch event with Telycam’s support.” said Mr. Zhang Zhong.


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