Ultra-Wide Touchscreen

Posted on 23 April 2021

AVW and Extron are excited to announce that our ultra-wide touchpanel, the TLP Pro 1230WTG is now shipping. Featuring a vibrant 12″ 1920×720 resolution touchscreen, the ultra-wide format enhances user experiences since it allows multiple tasks to be seen and managed at the same time. The TLP Pro 1230WTG provides ample screen space to simultaneously display full AV system controls, video preview and annotation controls. The TLP Pro 1230WTG features an HDMI video preview input that supports high resolution HDCP compliant video from an HDMI source. It also supports annotation when used in conjunction with any Extron Annotator. The sleek, low-profile design minimizes visual obstructions and improves collaboration engagement in a wide variety of applications.

 Ultra-wide Tabletop TouchLink Pro Touchpanel

Key Features
  • 12” ultra-wide capacitive touchscreen with 1920×720 resolution and 24-bit color
  • Ample screen real estate provides space for multiple tasks, such as video preview, AV functions, and source selection
  • Low-profile design allows unobstructed view of the presenter to the audience and the cameras
  • Gorilla Glass screen is tough, scratch and smudge-resistant
  • Full motion video preview displays video from an HDMI source, eliminating the need for a separate preview monitor
  • Supports annotation when used with any Extron Annotator

The TLP Pro 1230WTG is now shipping.

TLP Pro 1230WTG
TLP Pro 1230WTG Black – Tabletop 60-1668-02
TLP Pro 1230WTG White – Tabletop 60-1668-03



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