Unlock a World of Vibrant Visuals with Nebula Glow: The Ultimate 10-Inch Touch Screen with Adjustable Light Rims, Powered by Android

Nebula Glow is a cutting-edge 10-inch touch screen device that boasts a vibrant 1280×800 resolution, delivering breathtaking visuals with every touch and with a bonded touch screen. Its sleek design, complemented by adjustable RGB LED light rims, allows users to create the perfect ambiance for any environment. Whether it’s a contemporary meeting room, a vibrant casino, or an esteemed status light, Nebula Glow adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

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Discover the seamless user experience offered by Nebula Glow, powered by Android 11 on the Lite Version and Android 12 by the more powerful version. With its user-friendly interface and 10-point bonded capacitive touch technology, navigating through applications, browsing the web, and showcasing multimedia content becomes effortless.

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Enhance control and management with options like license free STAROS for application lockdown and STAR CONTROL for remote device management. Personalize the device’s lighting with Startool. Partner with our meeting room software providers or use your own application for seamless integration
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Step into the future of room booking with Nebula Glow’s sleek and unobtrusive design. Its minimalist aesthetic and compact form factor make it a perfect fit for any modern space.

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More Information

»Nebula Glow Touchscreen Technical Specification (PDF) Download

»Nebula Glow Touchscreen 2D Diagram (PDF) Download

»Nebula Glow Touchscreen Add-on Software Quick Start Guide Download


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