A Revolution in Speaker Technology - The patented SSP6 Multiducer™

Posted on 09 July 2024

The groundbreaking SSP6 Multiducer™ (Multifunctional Transducer) introduces a paradigm shift not only in the realm of concealed audio but also across a diverse range of speaker installations. Its exceptional performance, boasting high-fidelity audio, robust power handling capabilities, and consistent sound pressure levels throughout an entire listening area, positions it as the ultimate choice for applications such as sound masking, conference rooms, retail spaces, restaurants, hospitality venues, places of worship, transportation facilities, and various commercial settings. Moreover, its exceptional performance, paired with its entirely imperceptible installation, renders it exceptionally suitable for high-end residential settings.

The SSP6 Multiducer represents a novel category of products designed to convert rigid surfaces – encompassing walls, ceilings, tables, windows, vehicles, and other surfaces – into comprehensive audio speakers. Leveraging a distinct branch of acoustical physics known as bending wave physics, it delivers a bona fide Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) devoid of any uneven hotspots or off-axis high-frequency drop-offs.


Installation of SSP6 Multiducers directly onto surfaces is a swift and effortless process, taking mere minutes to complete. The key to our rapid installation lies in the innovative RevLoc™ mounting plate. This plate is securely affixed to the surface after which the SSP6 unit is effortlessly secured in place on the RevLoc. No specialized tools are required for this straightforward procedure.

Furthermore, the SSP6 is certified by UL for safe use in plenum spaces and boasts an IP66 rating, making it well-suited for extreme weather conditions and marine applications.

Read more about how to use the SSP6 in sound masking


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