Revolution Acoustics is "disrupting the sound masking channel"

Revolution Acoustics is “disrupting the sound masking channel” with its SSP6 Multiducer, an invisible speaker solution which brings constant-SPL, uniform coverage to sound masking installations at a considerably lower cost than traditional solutions.

When installed in sound masking applications, a single SSP6 Multiducer will cover up to 1000 square feet without hot spots, dropouts or other variations in the signal, and it may be used for paging in addition to sound masking. “High-end Australian sound masking integrators commented the SSP6 not only provides a more consistent sound masking signal throughout a facility, it is installed much more quickly and easily than other systems they’ve used. This patented solution is truly disruptive technology as it eliminates the need to drill hundreds of holes in ceilings and provides more uniform coverage. One SSP6 unit provides comprehensive sound masking coverage superior to that of up to 9 traditional units in the same space.”

The cost savings provided by the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 come via not only reduced speaker costs but through much lower speaker cabling requirements and significant reductions in installation time. There’s also the matter of room aesthetics. Traditional sound masking systems are very visible, with potentially hundreds of units dotted all over the ceiling and interfering with the clean, uncluttered look the end users want to have. The SSP6, on the other hand, cannot be seen at all.

The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 installs inside hard ceilings or in drop ceilings (using the Ubiqui-T360 Acoustic Ceiling Tile adapter), providing a completely invisible installation.
The ability to seamlessly transition between rigid and acoustical tile ceilings, with no changes in the sound masking signal, gives integrators a simpler way to bring sound masking to challenging office environments. Installation is further simplified with the use of the Revolution Acoustics ReyNet 2140 amplifier, which incorporates a customizable sound masking signal generator.

Sound Masking

“The first and most critical, part of an effective sound masking system is uniformity. The sound masking system must be uniform everywhere in the workspace, or it will draw attention to itself and defeat the purpose of the system. Revolution Acoustics achieves this very well. Their Multiducers work across a variety of finishes, whether it’s a hard ceiling, acoustical ceiling or wall, and provide a uniform sound without any variations in intensity anywhere.”


* Comprehensive, consistent coverage
* Lower cost per square foot
* Easier to install

Traditional sound masking installations require the use of up to 9 speakers (emitters) to provide a sound masking signal in a 1,000-square-foot space. You can achieve the same coverage with one SSP6 unit from Revolution Acoustics.



When combined with our RevNet 2140 amp, which incorporates a customizable sound masking generator, sound masking systems can easily be integrated into a large workspace.

Read more about using the SSP6 in sound masking.

Background Music

Easier background music speaker system


* Consistent volume everywhere with fewer speakers
* Better intelligibility for paging
* Easy to install

Retail stores, restaurants, office lobbies, workplace break rooms and other facilities have something in common – they all need background music systems that provide a pleasant listening experience without any dropouts or hot spots. Equally important is clear, intelligible paging for patrons. Revolution Acoustics’ constant-SPL systems can help you achieve these goals easily.



A BGM system using the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer will give you immersive music and clear paging using fewer speakers than traditional systems. One SSP6 Multiducer will provide the coverage you need per 500 square feet of floor space.

 Conference Room Audio

* Clear, understandable speech without hot spots or dropouts
* Consistent volume without feedback
* Easy, invisible installation in walls, ceilings and tables

Imagine a meeting room where a presenter can wander around freely without fear of triggering feedback in the sound system. This is a Revolution Acoustics meeting room, with constant-SPL sonic coverage throughout the space for completely immersive audio and maximum intelligibility throughout. You can even transform the conference room table into part of your speaker system without creating feedback via room microphones.


Music Systems

High-SPL music for bars and clubs


* Immersive music without hot spots or dropouts
* Better intelligibility for paging
* Easy to install

Bars and other facilities needing high energy music have traditionally faced a challenge: how to bring the needed SPL to a system while avoiding over-loud music in some areas and a muddy sonic mess in others. Revolution Acoustics addresses this challenge by providing constant SPL throughout the listening space and ensuring even distribution of high frequency content.

SSP6-Dispersion-Diagram-Final-1024x253 (1)

A foreground system using the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer will give you immersive music and clear paging using fewer speakers than traditional systems. One SSP6 Multiducer will provide the SPL and clarity you need per 250 square feet of floor space.

House of Worship Sound

Invisible audio solutions for houses of worship


* Superior sonic coverage with fewer speakers
* Better intelligibility for the spoken word
* Invisible
* Works in low-impedance, 70V and Dante® systems

Houses of worship have always experienced challenges in ensuring sonic clarity and intelligibility while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic beauty of worship spaces in the building. The invisible audio solution offered by Revolution Acoustics addresses these issues – beautifully. The use of SSP6 Multiducers in walls, ceilings and other surfaces will ensure immersive, invisible sound for all and eliminate muddy audio in fringe areas.

Marine Audio

IP66 rated for marine applications


* Clear, understandable speech and music
* Consistent volume without hot spots or dropouts
* IP66 rated for extreme environments

Tour boats, cruise ships and retail facilities along waterfronts have always had a challenge with loudspeakers. Traditional speakers simply aren’t rugged enough to withstand salt air or water, and coverage on boats and other vessels has been spotty at best. Revolution Acoustics changes this. Our SSP6 Multiducers transform walls, ceilings and even the hull of a vessel into speakers, providing consistent coverage, immersive music and clear messaging everywhere… and there are no speaker grilles to rust out.

Transportation System Audio

Crystal clear paging & invisible audio solutions for transportation


* Clear, understandable paging everywhere
* Easy, invisible installation in walls, ceilings and other areas
* High SPL without dropouts or overly-loud areas

Anyone who has travelled via air or train has experienced the frustration of not being able to hear crucial paging messages. Traditional speakers, with their hot spots and poor off-axis performance, simply can’t provide the coverage needed in these environments, especially when the audio is competing with high background noise. The use of SSP6 Multiducers in walls and ceilings ensures immersive, intelligible audio for everyone, no matter where they are seated (or standing).


Intelligible audio in classrooms


In classrooms, audio intelligibility and amplification aren’t just important. It’s CRITICAL. Adding audio amplification into classrooms leads to higher student success and offers positive effects on classroom behaviour. The DML technology employed by the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 ensures that the audio in the back of the room or along the side aisles is every bit as intelligible as the sound heard at the front of the classroom. With Revolution Acoustics, there are no audio, hot spots or dropouts, and the listening level is consistent everywhere in the classroom, so you don’t have to worry about deafening some students with overly loud speakers while others struggle to hear. Another benefit of an SSP6 installation: teachers with wireless microphones can wander around the room as needed, and they’ll never cause howling in the sound system by moving too close to a speaker. And, unlike other classroom speaker systems, you need far fewer SSP6 units to achieve optimal audio quality than you would normally need.

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