IRT, ASI, SDI, STM-1 Path Protection & Distribution Amplifier



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- For use as buffer or distribution amplifier.
- 4 x in-phase reclocked outputs.
- Protection switching capability.
- Selectable for either ASI / SDI or STM-1 applications.
- Automatic input equalisation to 250 metres.
- Automatic output muting on no input.
- Relay bypass on loss of power.
- Front panel indicators provide monitoring of presence of input signal at 270 Mb/s (ASI/SDI) or 155 Mb/s (STM-1).
- SNMP monitoring and control.

The DDA-4320 path protection and distribution amplifier covers a wide range of distribution and monitoring functions for ASI, SDI or STM-1 signals.

Four outputs are provided at the rear of the module. The rear assembly includes a bypass relay to switch the Input to Output 61 in the event of a power failure.

The DDA-4320 incorporates a protection facility for switching three of the outputs between signals from a companion DDA-4320 when a loss of input is detected. For this configuration, a special double width rear assembly (type ZDA-4320RH) is required to link the signal and logic sections of the two modules.

Changeover-inhibit and changeover-request switches are provided on the front panel for use where modules are so linked.

A manual changeover request may be made either locally by using the front panel switch, remotely via a connection on the rear assembly, or via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) when installed in an IRT frame fitted with SNMP capability.

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