TeleDelta HDS2900 Multi-Format Distribution System



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TeleDelta HDS2900 Multi-Format Signal Distribution Platform

The TeleDelta HDS2900 Series is a powerful yet versatile 1RU rack-mount signal distribution platform in the TeleDelta range designed primarily for Broadcast, Enterprise and Network Signal distribution.

The HDS2900 series is configurable per model with all models incorporating ASI / IP data ports and Local + Remote IP Web and SNMP Management*.

Within the HDS2900 series, users can select a range of input / output options including Tuners - DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C, Conditional Access Modules (BISS support), HD/SD MPEG-2/H.264 Encoding via SDI, HDMI or Analog of HD Programs streams (via SDI / HDMI), HD/SD Transcoding, FM Radio Signals and also IP/RF Gateways.

Common Deployment Applications

  •  Broadcast Head-Ends             
  •  IP / IPTV Content Network Distribution
  •  Satellite / Terrestrial Signal Delivery
  •  Remote Broadcast Distribution
  •  FM Radio Capture / Monitoring
  •  HD Encoding Platforms
  •  Format / Bit-rate Transcoding
  •  Head-end signal decryption
  •  Streaming IP services

HDS2900 Series Key Features

  •  Configurable System Functions
  •  Rack-mount 1RU Design
  •  Local / Remote IP Web / SNMP Management
  •  DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C Tuner Options
  •  SDI/HDMI/Analog Encoding
  •  Multi-tuner Conditional Access (BISS)
  •  Format / Bit-rate Active Transcoding
  •  RF to IP / IP to RF Gateways
  •  FM Radio Monitoring / Streaming
  •  FM Audio Encoding
  •  H.264/MPEG-2 Formal Conversion
  •  IP/IPTV Gateways and Head-ends

For specific information on individual models please refer to the HDS2900 series datasheets

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